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We offers aerial photography and filming for your needs. We build our custom made small aircraft controlled by a remote control or well known as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) specially designed to taking aerial footage or pictures from the air. Specially designed mean that all of our aircrafts are fine-tuned for clean-video result with minimum vibration and shake. We use gyro-stabilized camera gimbal to minimize shake. Almost all of Our UAVs is equipped with camera control and video downlink to make the filming process easy and accurate. Camera control mean that camera operator can control Pan or Tilt, and Roll. Camera operator also can see the camera view through the monitor on the ground station. All of our equipments is travel-friendly, it can be disassembled to small size and fit into a small to medium size case. To check our equipments, please click here for our aerial camera equipments.

Aerial Videography

We do aerography video for any purpose. tell us what you need and let us create your amazing aerial videography.

Aerial photography

Not just videos. we also provide aerial still images. with our experienced person behind the copter and cameras, we make sure that you will have a perfect captured images from the sky,

Other Aerial Services

We do other things taken from the sky. just like visual interactive 360 degrees images or area mapping.

Aerial Photography Platform
Aerial Photography Platform

We provide all of the services ranging from taking the pictures to touch detail for clarity of the image in the editing process

Post Processing Aerial Photography
Post Processing Aerial Photography